Money-Saving Tips When Shopping for Special Occasion Dresses

Woman-Special Occasion DressesThere’s never a bad time to buy a new dress and special occasions can happen at any time of the year: proms, holiday parties, business functions, birthdays, weddings, homecoming dances, quinceanaras, or just a night on the town.

Looking for a bargain on name brands and designers can leave your head spinning like a merry-go-round. Fortunately for all of us deal-seekers, the thrill of the hunt can come right to your home with a few tech-savvy shortcuts designed to help expedite the springtime shopping experience.

Dress Shopping Online

Times have changed and the avenues for shopping have become as broad as a person can imagine. These days, buyers are exploring online dress shopping as a way to increase their product range, compare prices from many different sellers and save loads of money. Shopping online is smart and allows consumers to control their environment and their shopping experience. Selection is amazing and the number of products available online is staggering.

So what does all this mean for the average girl who’s looking for a great deal on a great dress? Let me tell you…Imagine the dress of your dreams, whether it’s for your prom, wedding,  a perfect date with that gorgeous new intern at work…whatever the cut, whatever the style, whatever the special occasion, the perfect dress exists, in your price range, and can be delivered right to your front door in time for your special event.

Renting Dresses

I’ve become a preacher on the topic of renting dresses for many reasons; the first and foremost reason being because I love saving money. The feeling I get from avoiding retail cost is almost euphoric. Why forego all the little things I’d like to do for myself just because I want my closet to rock harder than the Rolling Stones? In my time as an online shopper, I’ve realized that you can rent everything from bridesmaid dresses to designer sundresses. And all of those little in-betweens like wedding dresses, evening gowns and prom dresses…yeah, you can rent those too.

Renting Bridesmaid Dresses

This subject is so big, so important and so worth your time that it deserves its own paragraph. Over and over again I’ve seen bride after bride meet with her bridesmaids, toil through endless catalogs, endure hours of try-on sessions, express every lack-luster emotion you can think of, and still walk away from a store without a dress. Shopping should be a great experience for everyone, especially brides and bridesmaids, who get to share a wonderful bonding experience throughout the entire wedding planning phase.

That’s why it hurts when I see brides and bridesmaids fuming and raging at one another over expensive, one-time dresses. Rental dresses can make the bridesmaid role much easier to play, especially given how easy it is to save some serious cash when renting. Renting dresses online makes dress shopping that much easier by taking the store-to-store, clerk-to-clerk fiasco out of the equation. Instead of hopping from store to store and browsing through limited options, shopping online for rental bridesmaid dresses can give you unlimited styles, great deals, and all the sizes you can choose from.

Renting Prom Dresses

This is another of my favorite springtime money saving opportunities for the budding fashionista who has a flair for the finer dresses in life. Of course, those of you who are shopping for prom dresses are undoubtedly young, but it’s never too soon to start practicing the fine art of the great deal.

Yes, you can rent prom dresses, and if you do, you’ll help ensure that you’ve got enough dough for the hair, the nails, the makeup and your part of the limo. Shopping online for your dress will also help you avoid ending up at prom wearing the same dress as so-and-so and you can easily get unique, designer prom dresses under 100! Aside from blowing all of your cash on a dress that you’re probably only going to wear once, showing up in the same gown as someone else is the number one bummer. And trust me ladies, if you and every other girl at your prom are shopping for your dresses at any of the retailers around town, someone is going to end up wearing the same dress and so-and-so. Don’t be that girl.

So, you’ve got your event, you’ve got your style of dress in mind, and now you’ve got a few tips to help you navigate the broad world of online dress shopping. Using these tricks this spring time will help you put your most stylish foot forward, no matter what the occasion. And don’t be afraid to pass these hints on to your fellow female comrades. After all, we’re all in the fashion game together!

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