Vintage, Designer or Rental Dress Shopping Online

Girl wearing a dress in the seaIt’s time to clean out last year’s wardrobe and make room for the newest trends, and you don’t have to clean out your wallet to do it! This article will help you prepare yourself for the new season of fashion, give you some great ideas on where to buy dresses and show you how to save while you shop!

Get Your Dresses Online

I’ve become a huge advocate for online dress shopping, mostly because I’m a busy girl. I love the convenience of shopping online, and having an item surprise me at my doorstep while I’m getting my everyday errands done. Another great bonus to shopping online is the fact that many items that aren’t available in stores are found on some of my favorite online dress store’s websites. Every day new items are being added to so many fashionable websites, while brick-and-mortar stores wait for shipment to arrive.

There’s also no shortage of ways to save money while shopping online. Whether you’re browsing websites like Amazon and Ebay for discounted dresses and accessories, or shopping the clearance sections on your favorite retailer’s websites, there’s always a way to save money on your clothes.

Your Guides To Online Shopping

Many magazines like Glamour, Seventeen, Cosmo and Lucky publish monthly articles showcasing their favorite splurges and savings on dresses and accessories. With the warmer weather approaching, you can be sure that most of those articles will highlight dresses that you can use to create runway looks or perfect spring and summer looks for much less than the cost of the designer alternatives.

You don’t have to subscribe to these magazines (although doing so wouldn’t hurt your fashion sense) to take advantage of their wisdom. Check out their websites periodically to take notes on their favorite fashion finds and spring savings.

Vintage Dress Rentals - Lending Luxury

Vintage Dresses Are The New Fashion – And You Can Rent Them!

Shopping through vintage dress collections has also become a favorite of mine. There are many online vintage clothing stores and boutiques that specialize in vintage finds and passing savings on to their customers. These fashionistas do the work for you, visiting trunk shows, thrift shops and many other outlets to find the best that the vintage world has to offer.

Vintage reproductions and true vintage items make a bold and beautiful statement at everything from spring picnics to weddings. Think light colors, long ruffles and delicate lace and you’ve got the right idea.

Last year, Marie Claire magazine published an article naming The 8 Best Online Vintage Stores on the internet. Some of my favorites are included in the list, including It’s Vintage Darling and Beyond Retro. Check out this link to the article and explore the 8 vintage shops that Marie Claire has fallen for.

However, what the Marie Claire lists fail to mention is that vintage dresses can also be rented, at a considerable saving. A great source for vintage-inspired dress rentals is Lending Luxury. I like them because you can also buy a dress that you’ve rented, at a super discount. If you try it, and love it, there’s no need to send it back. Click here to check out Lending Luxury – just type “Vintage Dresses” into the search box on the top navigation bar.

Designer Dresses On A Dime

Perhaps on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, but certainly just as desirable (maybe even more-so) are designer dresses. We’re blessed to live in a world where the money saving honey can strut her stuff in designer prom dresses or wedding attire while being proud of the knowledge that she spent a small fraction of the cost that she would have if she didn’t know how to shop for deals. Websites like and offer great deals on designer items, from pants and tops to accessories.  And there’s no better place to find affordable evening dresses.

Another great resource for nabbing discount designer dresses is garment rental. Websites like, and (In Canada) have a wide variety of authentic designer discount evening gowns and dresses that you can rent for any occasion. On average, you could save up to 90% by renting instead of buying. Plus, once you’ve worn your cheap formal dress and caught everyone’s attention, you can send it back, rent another and do it all over again!

Shop Smart and Save

Shopping at stores with your friends will always present the temptation to splurge on a great mannequin outfit. But taking your time and browsing through the deals will help you stretch your money a lot further, which means more items for you, for less! All the resources you need are right in front of you to begin a new lifestyle of smart dress shopping.

Times are changing, and these days it’s better to spend your money wisely than to drop your dollars like hot potatoes on a new pair of shoes or cute little dress. But I for one believe in the power of retail therapy, and have learned that there’s an added kick to the positive feeling of shopping when I’ve walked away knowing that I got a great deal.

Of course, shopping can be habit forming, no matter how much money you’re saving, and once you get started you might have a hard time stopping. So be sure you’re getting good use of the items you buy so you don’t end up collecting a bunch of one-trick ponies. Have fun with your newfound wisdom of vintage, designer and online savings, and don’t forget to share what you’ve learned with your friends!


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