The Perfect Gown: Creating the Coveted “Hourglass” Figure

Three GownsIt’s your big day; the day you’ve been waiting for. You may have planned every detail of your wedding since you were a little girl, but chances are you didn’t plan around years of gravity, yo-yo dieting or the constant struggle to stay in shape that so many of us deal with. Lucky for you, fashion has come a long way, so even if you weren’t born with goddess-like genes, choosing the right dress for your shape can help create the hourglass shape we all dream of. These helpful hints will come in handy as you turn heads on your special day.

Faking a fuller-figure

It seems most women spend their time analyzing food packages and figuring out how to fit that 5:00AM Zumba/Pilates combo class into their schedule in the weeks leading up to their wedding. Some of us, however, find ourselves on the opposite end, looking in the mirror and seeing a certain “lack of curvature”, which can be almost as hard to deal with as a woman. Here are some tips to help you fake a fuller frame and achieve the curvy look you desire.

It’s all in the hips…

…or the waist, rather.  Accentuating your waist is the perfect one-step trick to creating the look of curves in a straighter frame. Look for a gown with embellishment across the waist, to add detail and draw attention to the smallest part of your mid-section. This will create a bold, curvy silhouette no matter what style of dress you choose. Tip: For extra flare, try a cute skinny belt around your waist. It’s a fun, easy way to give your dress the boost it needs to rock that eye-catching figure.

Befriend the trumpet gown

Trumpet gowns, (also known as mermaid gowns) are the perfect option for a straight frame that needs a feminine fit. These dresses do the curve building for you, sporting a fit-and-flare silhouette that everyone will admire. The best part about these gowns is the endless options that come with them. Whether you choose a tiered bottom, elaborate beading or full-lace, the trumpet gown creates curves that Marilyn Monroe herself would envy. It’s easy to see why this fit is the go-to style for red carpet looks! Tip: Choose a strapless option to stream-line the shoulders and bring extra attention to the waist and hips.

The power of color and pattern

So maybe you’ve got an apple top instead of an apple bottom, or the equivalent of a giant oval for a torso… No worries, the power of color and pattern is here to help you create the silhouette of your dreams. Granted, being a little open in the color area for your wedding gown will help you a lot in your goal of faking an hourglass figure, but pulling out the zebra print for your special day isn’t necessary.

Choosing a dress with a darker shade of bust and lighter shade of bottom will shift the focus of the eyes down, helping to soften the upper portion of your body, and allowing you to create the look of curves.

Dresses that have beading, ruching or other patterns on the sides of the waist will create a natural waist-like look that will add dimension to your upper body and leave you feeling feminine and sexy. Picking a dress with the right detailing can create an hourglass look for almost any size or body shape.

Gown Rental –  How to Get More for Less

So you’ve got some tips and tricks that are sure to help you rock the hourglass look during your wedding day. What’s next? Before you start shopping for your dress, consider your budget for the dress, accessories and alterations. One great option for helping to shave costs on your big day is renting your dress.

So often we see women who splurge on their wedding gowns just to have them sit in the closet for the rest of their days. Perhaps they’ll be pulled out once or twice and worn in front of a mirror and audience of shoes, but aside from that, most wedding dresses don’t get much action after their big day. Opting for a wedding dress rental can solve that problem. And you won’t be settling for a selection of cheap gowns – by renting, you’ll be able to afford a more expensive, higher detailed dress than you might otherwise be able to afford.

Even women who would rather have a simpler dress can save money by renting their dress. Shoes and jewelry are also crucial to the  wedding day look, so do your homework about online boutiques, shops and in-store retailers who rent out dresses, shoes and accessories to brides. You could also double-up the money saving madness by renting your groom’s tux! And if you decide to rent bridesmaid dresses, you’ll earn their eternal gratitude!

With these tips and tricks for creating the perfect hourglass shape, and the options for renting cheap wedding gowns, you’ve got a dangerous arsenal of sexy-chic knowledge and money-saving opportunities right at your fingertips. No wonder you’re the bride-to-be!

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