How Rental Dresses Can Save Big Dollars

Rent a Dress to Reduce Stress

Shopping for a dress for a formal or semi-formal event can be time consuming and exhausting. There are endless choices out there, and never a shortage of pushy sales people who want to get you in a dressing room and out the door. Shopping in stores for dresses for particular events like prom and pageants can be discouraging, especially when the season brings in hordes of other girls who are shopping for the same things.

Everyone wants a great deal on a great item, and no one wants to end up wearing the same thing as the girl next to her. Imagine your reaction if you walked into prom wearing the same little blue cocktail dress as three other girls in the room. Unfortunately, this sort of nightmare has been a reality to many girls in the past. And prom isn’t the only event in which wearing the same dress as another person is a real concern.

Merchandise usually arrives in stores on particular days, and many customers are unabashed in their goals of being the first to purchase new dresses for special occasions. Unfortunately for them, the reality is that many other customers are thinking along the same lines, and the fight for a dress that may end up being worn once or twice is altogether ugly and unnecessary.

Whatever your special occasion needs may be, the internet can help you avoid waiting in line, fighting for a dressing room, and risking the same-dress dilemma that so many girls and women find themselves in.

Party Dresses Online

The internet is a great source for finding your ideal dress. Cocktail dresses, prom dresses, pageant dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses – you name it – they are available in every shape and style imaginable, and some you might not have even considered to be possible. Taking a quick look around the internet will confirm to you that shopping for party dresses in-store is overrated and doesn’t provide the same variety of dresses as the broad world of online shopping does.

Another great reason why shopping for party dresses online is such a great idea is, unlike with in-store retailers, prices online are very flexible. If you don’t like the price one website is charging for a dress, simply jot down the style and designer and search for someone else with that dress. Chances are, you’ll find one that fits your budget without much fuss.

One of the best sources for online dresses that I’ve found has the added advantage of being cheap, cheap cheap. Why so cheap? Because you just rent the dress for your special occasion, then send it back until you need something new and different. The website is called Rent the Runway and it’s highly recommended. In fact, you can even receive your dress in two sizes in case you’re not sure of the fit.

You Can Rent Wedding, Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Dresses

Weddings are expensive events, and shopping for the dresses that will grace the aisle of your big day can be stressful. Many brides have a number of bridesmaids to consider, all with different body types and skin and hair colors. Getting together with your bridesmaids to browse through dresses online can cut down some of the stress of trying on dress after dress. Brides can take quiet time out to themselves to shop for styles and designs they like, and present them to their entourage.

Many online and in-store retailers also rent out flower girl dresses and bridesmaid’s dresses. Bridesmaids who are often responsible for buying their own dresses will likely be happy to rent their dresses, particularly because so many bridesmaids’ dresses are only worn once. This can help the wedding party save a lot of money, which can go a long way towards buying gifts for the bride and groom! And the fact that you can rent bridesmaid dresses will reduce both the expense and stress for your best friends on your special day.

In fact, you can even take advantage of a wedding dress rental. Brides who shop for the perfect dress and fall in love with something outside of their price range will be happy to know that renting a designer dress can help put them in the gown of their dreams without causing them to sacrifice other costs of their wedding.

Women Can Rent Designer Dresses. But How About Men?

Just as women can take advantage of rental dresses, men can rent designer clothing as well. Many retailers and shops, both in-store and online, rent tuxedos and suits for special occasions. The combined savings for a couple who opt to rent the garments for their wedding can be used on things like adding extras to the wedding, or adding time or excitement to the honeymoon. Weddings usually aren’t as simple and traditional as they used to be, and the cost of things like food and venues has only gone up. Saving money where you can isn’t only smart, it’s sometimes necessary.

For guys who need a sharp looking outfit for another special event, there are plenty of options online and in-stores to tailor your look for your event. The general consensus of women is… suits and tuxes are sexy. Why wear a button down and pair of slacks when you could spend less renting a designer suit and really get some attention?

Dress Rentals are Easier Than You Think

All it takes is a little research to find the ideal dress. There are so many options out there or those who are looking for formal wear for their special occasion. My advise is to use a trusted dress rental online service like Rent the Runway. Their reviews have been excellent and they seem to back up their products. You can try on two sizes for the same price, and they make returning the dresses easy. And best of all, for every occasion, you can wear a different dress that you couldn’t normally afford – for the price of buying a single dress.

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