Plus Size Cocktail Dresses – Online Rental and Best Choices

plus size cocktail dress 1Cocktail dresses are among the most fun and versatile items of clothing that a woman will own. When shopping for a snazzy cocktail dress, plus sized women can find themselves faced with a frustratingly limited number of items to choose from. Fortunately, the internet has created a wonderful little loophole that gives plus sized girls and women more choices of cocktail dresses than they can shake a stick at.

Online shopping is a great way to combat the small selection of plus sized cocktail dresses found at most shops, boutiques and retailers. Not only does online shopping offer a greater selection of dresses, it also creates a hassle-free environment that allows shoppers to browse through countless items at their own pace, without fighting their way through crowds.

For those of you who are in the market for a new cocktail dress, cut yourself some slack and start your shopping online before visiting the retailers around town. You’ll be amazed at how many dresses you’ll find that you’d never see in stores. You’ll also be happy to know that shopping online can save a lot of money. High competition between internet dress companies means more competitive prices for you to choose from. If you’re in love with saving money like I am, you’ll be happy to know that online shopping can help you score a great cocktail dress for up to 90% off the retail price!

Renting Plus Size Designer Dresses

A great cocktail dress stands out in all the right ways, and although many cocktail dresses are versatile enough to be work for a number of different events, some cocktail dresses need to be particularly special. I like to think of many designer dresses as pieces of art, and for that reason I’m incredibly happy that online shopping gives me the opportunity to don a designer dress when I want to. Now, I don’t have the kind of money you’d usually associate with someone who wears designer clothes, but websites like Rent The Runway make showing up at an event in a designer cocktail dress easy and ridiculously affordable. It’s the best way to get cheap cocktail dresses with a designer pedigree.

You can also use online rental shops and boutiques to accessorize designer cocktail dresses to create the perfect look for any event. Rent The Runway has all the accessories you’ll need, from jewelry to handbags and much more. And they do stock a great selection of plus size designer dresses.

Choosing The Right Dress For You

Now you know my secret for finding amazing cocktail dresses at great prices and being able to afford looks that turn heads. But your challenge in picking out a great cocktail dress isn’t over. Plus sized women have special considerations to make when choosing a great cocktail dress. If you’re a particularly busty woman, you might want to consider a dress that downplays those assets. Similarly, having an abundance of booty can make wearing a cocktail dress a little difficult. Here are a few suggestions to help you sort through all the plus size cocktail dresses you’ll come across during your search.

Aim For Elegance

Even though the cocktail dress is usually a shorter dress than most other formal and semi-formal dresses, the lengths can still vary. It’s always a great idea to experiment with various lengths when trying out different dresses. Receiving an invitation to a cocktail party isn’t the same as receiving an invitation to a “whose dress is shorter” competition. Remember to aim for class and elegance when looking for the right cocktail dress. You can never go wrong in a classy number.

Use Colors, Textures And Patterns For Slimming and Highlighting

There’s a season for every color, and stepping too far outside of a color’s season can make a great cocktail dress draw attention for the wrong reasons. Colors also have the ability to contour the look of the body, and draw attention to and from certain areas. Darker colors have a slimming effect, while brighter, lighter colors add more dimension. Using patterns is a great way to break up bulky silhouettes and create a more flattering look.

Accessorize For The Win

Accessories can completely change the look of your cocktail dress. Imagine a simple, elegant and well-fitting black dress. This is the image most women think of when imagining a cocktail dress. Now take this timeless classic and add a pair of studded ankle boots, a red clutch and a pair of bold, gold-colored earrings in an edgy design. This simple black dress has suddenly transformed into something chic and fashionable, while still maintaining its status as an amazing cocktail dress.

Use accessories to take your cocktail dress to a whole new level! The days of boring and passé cocktail dresses are over, and the woman who can’t accessorize like a pro will be left in the dust. Plus sized women owe it to themselves to dress like fashion divas at each cocktail event they attend. And since renting designer dresses and amazing accessories is as easy as it can be, (not to mention cheap!) there’s really no excuse to be caught looking less than fabulous! Use these tips to help bring your closet and fashion sense to life. Now get out there and get it girl!


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