Your Online Guide To Plus Size Prom Dresses

Plus Size prom dressProm is one of the most exciting events in high school. Teens these days look forward to the dinner, the dance and the after-party all year long. Shopping for your dress and accessories can also be one of the highlights of your year, but if you find yourself stuck with minimal options and lots of competition, it can be tough. Being a plus-sized girl adds its own trickiness to dress shopping, but this guide can help you navigate through some of the issues that you’re sure to encounter.

Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget (or your parents’ budget) is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for all your prom must-haves. Prom dresses can be pricey, and finding something that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t have a hefty price tag can be challenging. The best piece of advice that I can give you to help smooth the search for the perfect dress is to browse, browse and keep browsing. Don’t get too excited by the first snazzy plus size formal dresses that compliment you. Keep looking and comparing prices.

You’ll have to consider more than just your dress when figuring out your budget. Your shoes, jewelry, accessories, hair and makeup are all going to increase the price tag of your prom look. No one should have to forego the perfect prom experience, so being able to save money where you can is great (we’ll get to that later). Also don’t forget your part of the limo rental if your prom group decides to go that now-traditional route.

Get Online to Find Plus Size Prom Dresses Cheap

The risk of ending up with the same dress as someone else at prom is real. Fortunately, social media makes it easier to avoid this nightmare scenario. Some high school girls have created Facebook pages dedicated to their prom dresses, allowing girls to post pictures of their dresses so that no two girls end up wearing the same one. This doesn’t really do much for selection though, and having a few hundred (or more) girls shopping around the same towns for dresses for the same occasion can create a huge headache for prom-goers.

Personally, I prefer the selections that I find online. You don’t have to wait around for new products to arrive in stores, and you don’t have to fight through hordes of other girls in the search for a great dress. You might be surprised, like I was, at how gorgeous and affordable a lot of dresses online are as well. The more you shop around the internet, the better your chances are of finding something that fits your style and budget. And you’re likely to find something totally unique too. It beats store-to-store shopping at any mall.

To see some examples of what’s available online, Sydney’s Closet is an online store that specializes in plus size clothing, including gorgeous prom dresses. Check out this video to see some examples.

Know Your Body Type

As a plus-sized girl, I know the difficulties that shopping for a great dress can present. Some of us are athletically built all over, and some of us have heavy upper bodies and thin legs. No two girls are created the same, so it’s important to realize that not every dress is going to look great on you. Fortunately, prom shopping is a great opportunity to try new things and figuring out what really works for your body. I love seeing girls who forego the short dress in favor of something long, patterned and flowy.

Getting a dress to flatter your upper body is really important. Explore different necklines and options for straps and sleeve length. You’ll be surprised at how much a subtle difference can change the way a dress fits. For busty girls, I love halter necklines. They draw attention away from the upper body and create a sleeker look. Pair the halter neckline with a fitted bodice and flair bottom and you’ve just created a beautiful silhouette that adds shape to an otherwise straight figure.

Here are some more tips for choosing a great prom dress for your figure.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone when choosing plus size dresses. It’s the best way to narrow all the options for lengths, colors, patterns, embellishments, cuts and shapes, down to what really works best for you.

Save Money While Rocking Unique Prom Dresses!

Knowing your budget, increasing your options and knowing what works for your body are all going to help you find a beautiful dress to compliment your personality. But what if I told you that you could show up to prom in a designer gown, with designer accessories to complete your look, and you’d end up spending a fraction of what the rest of your friends spent? Not only is this possible, but it’s also easier than you can imagine.

Renting designer gowns, cocktail dresses, jewelry and accessories is a trend that more and more fashionistas are employing in order to create high class looks on a dime. The dresses are gorgeous, and definitely not something that every other girl will be wearing to prom. Plus, the price tag on a prom dress rental and accessories is about 10% of what they retail for! Imagine walking in prom in an $800.00 dress that instantly drops jaws all around the room, and knowing you only paid $80.00 for it! You can flash your fashion sense and save your cash at the same time!

Getting the perfect prom look doesn’t have to be hard. Plus-size prom dresses come in all the same styles that their more petite counterparts do, so don’t think you have to be limited in any kind of way. Online dress rental company, Rent the Runway, even has a special Plus Size Dresses page with dresses up to size 22. Use these tips to help you find a dress that will showcase how amazing you are, and leave all your friends talking for weeks…in a good way! Consider getting a couple of girlfriends together to let them in on the secret that they can rent prom dresses and save a ton of money. Your prom party could easily be the best looking group around; it’s as easy as point, click and rent!!

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