Everything You Need to Know About Formal Dress Rental

Formal Wear CoupleAlright formal wear junkies, this article is for you. Whether you’re browsing for tips to add to your vast repertoire of formal knowledge or you’re a newbie in the game, I’ve got a few words to share with you on your journey through the amazing world of formal gowns, tuxes, dresses and every other form of fashion-forward formal wear you can imagine.

The Formal Dress

There’s much to be said about a girl and a dress. Although that’s not a line from a poem or romance novel (it should be) it’s still true. A dress, much like a picture, can speak thousands of words about the wearer. The shape and color of a dress can tell your audience how romantic you are, how lovely you are, or even how fierce you are. You can be bold, beautiful, even funky and flirty. Wardrobe can be an extension of your personality, and with all the options for dresses available, anything you’re trying to say can be spoken through your outfit.

Wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, ball gowns and evening gowns…these are just a few types of formal dresses you’ll find when shopping in stores and boutiques, both online and around town. The process of picking the right style, shape, color and size can be exciting or overwhelming, depending on your level of preparation and excitement.

Formal Dress Rental

If you’re not aware, you can rent formal dresses for an event or occasion. A formal wear rental can help take some of the pain out of the shopping process, particularly when it comes to the price tag. The idea is simple…shop around, fall in love with the perfect dress, and cut your costs by nearly 90% by renting instead of buying it. I don’t know who came up with this brilliant idea, but he or she deserves a major award for the vast amounts of money and trouble they’ve saved countless people over the years.

And Then There’s The Tux…

Or suit, whichever you prefer. Some people make the mistake of only picturing elegant gowns and wall-to-wall décor when they hear the word ‘formal’. Let us not forget ever-so-sexy tux. What would Brad Pitt be on the red carpet without his form-fitting formal wear? Still sexy, that’s what. But the truth is, every man is instantly sexier in a suit or tux.

Gentlemen, this makes formal wear incredibly important to you, and renting a tux that suits your needs (get it? J ) is just as easy as renting a dress is for the ladies. Watch out Brad, there’s a horde of men on the cusp of aesthetical greatness who’ve just unlocked the secret to spending a very small amount of money on a very large amount of sexy.

Even The Kids Can Get In On This!

I’m not bluffing you! Need a dress for your child’s spring formal? There are lots of formal dresses for rent in children’s sizes. Prom season taking its toll on your wallet, sanity and thoughts about just how short a dress should be? You can rent cheap prom dresses that will make your daughter the envy of her friends!  In fact, you can easily rent knockout prom dresses under 100! You can even go the distance with renting and get shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories! Did I mention that designer merchandise is on the list of possibilities? No? Well, it is. At the very top.

Renting Designer Formal Wear

Can you rent designer clothes? Absolutely! It’s possible, it’s affordable, and need I say more? For those of you who are a little less optimistic about designer duds than I am, there are a few reasons why you should consider looking into it.

First of all, designers have a reputation for delivering high quality merchandise, both in their manufacturing and in their designs. This guarantees that you’ll receive a garment that will not only look great, but also actually be great. Trust me, there’s a huge difference. No one wants to put on a dress just to have it immediately begin to unravel at the first hint of a salsa dance.

Designers stand by their name, and their name is their product. Chances are, if you’ve made a formal gown rental from an online rental boutique or rental shop, you’re getting a high quality garment that will withstand those martinis, self-taught dance moves and even the floor fight for the bridal bouquet.

Of course I don’t recommend that you rent designer dresses or tuxedos and immediately test to see if they’re flame retardant. I do, however, recommend renting a dress, tux or other item and relaxing with the thought that not only do you look spectacular, but you also saved a ton of money and got your bang for your buck.

Things To Consider When Renting Formal Wear Online

Of course, formal dress rentals from an online store will pose challenges that renting from a physical store might not – mainly not being able to try your item on. However online clothing rental stores like Rent the Runway have thought through this problem, and offer the ability to try two sizes (at the same price), and to easily return items that don’t fit. Knowing your measurements is an important factor to being sure the rental item you select is the perfect fit and online rental services give instruction on how to accurately measure yourself.

Another thing to consider when you rent designer dresses online is the return process. Be sure you’re clear on the instructions for returning your item, such as packaging and return dates. This will avoid any unnecessary confusion and especially those pesky late fees. The whole point of renting is to save money, right!? Again, agencies like Rent the Runway provide a return bag that makes the return an easy process.

Now, you’ve got the information you need, so what are you waiting for? Start browsing for designer looks and formal wear for your next big event, snag that formal dress under 100 and enjoy knowing that renting is going to help you look your best without breaking your bank! Ciao!

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