Cocktail Dresses – Versatile & Affordable?

Cocktail Party Dresses-4 GirlsCocktail dresses are among the most important and useful items in any girl’s closet. Their versatile nature makes them the go-to dress for most formal and semi-formal events these days. Some girls find themselves rocking a little number on a sexy first date, while others might strut their stuff at prom. But cocktail dresses can also work wonders for daytime looks as well. As a matter of fact, the same nighttime looks can often transition into a chic day look with the right accessories, a little layering and a shift in hair and makeup.

It’s no secret that cocktail dresses are available almost everywhere. These days, customers don’t even have to leave their homes to find a great dress! Knowing that I don’t have to stand in line at the counter or track down a sales associate for help is a huge relief to me. It’s also exciting to find dresses online that you wouldn’t be able to find in your favorite stores. But the abundance of cocktail dresses, both online and in stores, means you’ll need to narrow your search to avoid swimming in a sea of possibilities.

The Styles Are Endless

And that’s no understatement. Every day tons of new dresses are introduced to the market, with new flair and amazing creativity. It’s amazing to see how far the cocktail dress has come in its evolution on the runway and in stores, and also exciting to think of where they’ll go. Color and style aren’t your only options when choosing a cocktail dress. The vast array of fabrics and embellishments, cuts and unique hems and lines means that cocktail dresses are more a work of art these days than anything else.

Use the Same Dress for Both Day and Night Wear

The cocktail dresses that most easily transition into daytime wear are those that are made simple and to the point. I’m a huge fan of rocker-chic looks that pair formal and semi-formal dresses with studded boots, leather jackets and punk-rock ponytails. That’s fashionable and easy to pull off for most body types. Plus, you can just as easily switch out your shoes and accessories and add a smoky eye to take your rebellious day look and turn it into a sexy night look. Be sure to keep a pair of sexy pumps in your car just in case!

There’s Something For Every Body

Being the most versatile dress in the fashion world has its upsides. Cocktail dresses offer so much variety in their silhouettes, designs, patterns and more that there’s a dress for nearly every body type. Whether you’re trying to downplay your strong shoulders and accentuate your athletic legs, or you’d like to show off those curves and avoid your arms altogether, there is a dress for you.

Getting a basic knowledge of the different shapes that many cocktail dresses come in will help you to decide which one works best for your body. Be a little adventurous the next time you’re shopping and try on a few things that you didn’t consider as options before. You might be surprised to find that some silhouettes you thought were taboo for you work well when paired with other accessories, like jackets, jewelry and belts that help to alter the look of the dress.

With A Wide Range Of Style Comes A Wide Range Of Prices

Cocktail dresses have an incredibly large price range. Some department stores sell cocktail dresses for $40-50, while designers may charge thousands. While I like to think that you get what you pay for, unfortunately that isn’t always true, and many buyers end up paying big dollars for the name on the label. Some girls might find value in that, but I for one believe in the power of stretching your dollars, so saving money on a great dress always piques my interest. At the same time, no one wants to buy a poor product.

One trick that I’ve picked up over the years to help ensure that I get great and affordable cocktail dresses is renting. Whenever possible, I like to rent my cocktail dress, because I can score a dress that would normally cost hundreds of dollars for about 10% of the retail price. I use the money that I save on other things that I’d like to do for myself, or things that I’d like to do for others. Because online shopping has become such a huge part of many girls’ lives, renting cocktail dresses online has become as easy as browsing and clicking, and the options are never ending.

It Doesn’t End There

Jewelry, shoes, hair accessories and other necessities for formal and semi-formal looks can also be rented from many online shops and boutiques. It’s amazing how much money a girl can save by renting, and the best part is, you don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you got a great deal. Most of the online rental boutiques have designer garments and accessories that might be unaffordable to a lot of girls if renting wasn’t an option. Getting cheap cocktail dresses doesn’t mean the same thing as it used to! So have fun and good luck on your shopping endeavors!

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