How to Choose the Best Evening Gown for the Season

Fashion style. Graceful woman in classic long cyan dress posingEvening gowns have become a symbol of wealth and beauty. When we think of a woman dressed in a long, formal gown, we often think of celebrities and fashion moguls walking the red carpet at an awards show or Hollywood premier. These days, fortunately, it’s not hard for a woman to harness the elegance and style of a beautiful gown.

When To Wear An Evening Gown

By nature, cocktail dresses are fun and usually a bit sexy. Evening gowns, however, are meant to be radiant. The woman who chooses to wear an evening gown is making a statement of grandeur. Most formal events these days make shorter dresses perfectly appropriate, but some events, like black tie events, hold on to the poise and sophistication of olden days. In times like this, an evening gown is a must.

But evening gowns are about more than formality. A woman who wears a full-length gown is not foregoing sexiness by any means. She is simply giving you more than her legs to look at. She is showing you less of the girl, and more of the woman. She gives you a whole other dimension of her persona to admire.

How to Choose The Right Evening Gown for the Time of Year

The right gown for your occasion might not be as easy to find as you’d like. There are many things to consider when choosing the right gown to fit your needs. First and foremost, I like to start with the season. Considering the time of year helps me to narrow down fabrics, colors and, to an extent, styles. In the warmer months, I opt for cooler, lighter colors. I also like materials that allow my skin to breathe, though many events held in warmer months are in well air conditioned venues, so that isn’t always the most important factor.

In colder months, I like rich, deep hues and fabrics that insulate well. Evening gowns are meant to skirt the floor, so no matter the time of year, choose a full-length gown to get the full effect. Different cuts and styles of gowns will flatter your body in various ways, so it’s important to experiment with shape when trying on gowns. Even subtle elements, like the difference in shape between a décolletage neckline and a sweetheart neckline can dramatically alter the way a dress looks on you.

Evening Gowns Can Be Expensive

Unlike their shorter counterparts, evening gowns are usually pricey. When factoring in jewelry, shoes and other necessities, the price of a red-carpet look can be staggering. While some of us may have the money to spend on designer gowns and accessories, most of us would have a hard time budgeting for that type of decadence.

Fortunately for women everywhere, we don’t have to forego the style of the stars just because our bank accounts are not overflowing. There’s a rising trend that gives women the opportunity to create formal looks for any occasion, complete with all the accessories she needs…at severely discounted prices.

Rent Your Evening Gown Look

Dress rentals are becoming a hot trend in fashion, and I’m excited that it’s giving women the opportunity to attend events they might otherwise have avoided. Formal events are exciting, and everyone wants to look their best. The ability to rent designer dresses will allow any woman to fit in, no matter how exclusive the event.

Women who rent evening gowns are creating their own Cinderella story, allowing themselves to experience a feeling that some might take for granted. Women who rent formal gowns for special events will be happy to know that the average price they’ll save by renting is about 90%. That’s a HUGE discount. It’s almost unbelievable to tell you the truth.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Not only can a woman rent evening dresses, she can also rent her jewelry, shoes and accessories. This gives you, the buyer, the opportunity to create a complete designer look for any occasion, turn every head in a room and experience the feeling of poise and elegance that evening gowns and dazzling jewels create, while still maintaining a budget and being confident in how much you spend.

No matter what your price options are, there’s a dress for you. If you, like me, want the best that you can get and don’t necessarily have wads of cash lying around, don’t worry; there’s plenty of rental boutiques and online shops that can give you exactly what you want at a price that you’ll be telling your friends about in no time.

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