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Cocktail dresses are among the most valued items of clothing and any girl’s wardrobe. Their flexible nature make them the go-to dress for formal and semi-formal occasions, but they’re also fun for a first date, a girls’ night out and even for a number of daytime functions

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Choosing a Cocktail Dress4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cocktail Dress

Deciding the right type of dress for any event takes some thought. Luckily, cocktail dresses are a necessity for many women’s wardrobes, so no matter what particular event you’re shopping for, you’re likely to get good use out of your dress. Take the time of day and the season into consideration…


 Cocktail Dresses – Versatile & Affordable?Cocktail Party Dresses-4 Girls

Cocktail dresses can also work wonders for daytime looks as well. As a matter of fact, the same nighttime looks can often transition into a chic day look with the right accessories, a little layering and a shift in hair and makeup. Here’s more information about how to adapt your cocktail dresses for both daytime and evening wear.

plus size cocktail dress 1 Plus Size Cocktail Dresses – Online Rental and Best Choices

Plus sized women have special considerations to make when choosing a great cocktail dress. If you’re a particularly busty woman, you might want to consider a dress that downplays those assets. Similarly, having an abundance of booty can make wearing a cocktail dress a little difficult. Here are a few suggestions to help you sort through all the plus size cocktail dresses you’ll come across during your search.

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