Where To Buy And Rent Dresses – Favorite Designers for Special Events

Designer & Models1The shift in the American economy over the years has created a need for change in the fashion industry. Women are looking for luxury and high-fashion items, and the ability to save money while reaching these marks is becoming more of an added bonus to women who are shopping for something to wear.

With the constant emergence of new designers and manufacturers in the fashion industry, the pool of options on where the buy and rent garments for special occasions is becoming wider and wider. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite designers by specialty, and some great websites for renting your next head-turning item.

Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns might be the most special garments that a woman will wear. They come in a wide range of styles and shapes, and the cuts and colors add even more variety. One of my favorite wedding gown designers is Maggie Sottero. Her dresses are elegant and timeless, and her designs and fabrics are very couture.

Maggie Sottero doesn’t limit her designs, and a wide range of selections make picking a dress from her collections more of an adventure than anything. Her website, www.maggiesottero.com hosts several collections, and all the best styles of gowns. From ballroom gowns to sheath designs and everything in-between, Maggie Sottero offers the best styles at affordable prices.

Prom Dresses

Prom season is an exciting time in a young girl’s life, and shopping for a prom dress can send a girl over the moon. Walking into a shop and being blasted with all the colors, crystals and beading and beautiful designs can make a girl go starry-eyed very quickly.

But shopping for a dress in your hometown can leave you at a disadvantage. Most of the girls who’ll attend your prom will also be shopping from the same shops, and showing up to prom in the same dress can cause major stares. Do yourself a favor and widen your shopping range to include online retailers. You’ll increase your chances of finding a prom dress that no one else will be wearing but you.

One of my favorite designers in the prom gown arena is Jovani. Jovani dresses offer superior quality and cutting-edge looks that most in-store prom retailers can’t touch. Although Jovani also has collections of wedding gowns and evening gowns, shorter dresses are their specialty. The designers for Jovani are intuitive about fashion trends, so you can be sure that your prom dress is runway worthy.

So do yourself a big favor and stop the in-town shopping. You’ll give yourself many more options during prom season, and make sure that no one steals your shine on your big night. Visit www.jovani.com for all the latest prom fashion trends, and be sure to keep a box of tissues nearby…you know, for the drool.

Cocktail Events

Events that call for a sexy little cocktail dress are some of my favorites. They’re usually exciting, with dancing, drink and lots of socializing. Of course, much like prom, you want to be sure that no one in the room is going to play twin with you when it comes to your dress. Shopping for your dress online will give you more room to scoop up a one-of-a-kind dress that will not only impress your peers at your social event, but also build your faith in online shopping.

One notable designer that specializes in short little numbers is Sherri Hill. Her designs, cuts and use of fabrics are nothing short of spectacular. No matter what your vision is for your dress, Sherri Hill can deliver. These dresses perfectly combine classic silhouettes and modern edge, which sends them straight over the fashion-forward edge. Visit www.sherrihill.com to browse the latest collections and send yourself on your way to cocktail stardom.

Other Formal Events

Most of the prominent designers of today have their hands in many different formal wear pots. Shopping for prom dresses from Jovani will lead you to find many different full-length gowns that are great for other formal events. Likewise, Sherri Hill and Maggie Sottero collections offer many options outside of their respective niches. No matter what your formal wear needs are, one of these designers has got a gown for you.

Renting And Authentication

A few things to keep in mind when shopping for your dresses online are renting and designer authentication. Some retailers and online shops may sell knock-off and reproduction gowns, or could even take your money without delivering the goods altogether. Be sure to buy directly from an authorized retailer or the designer’s website whenever possible. These designers stand by their product, and want to ensure that you are pleased with their garments.

If you’ve found a dress from an online rental boutique, or in-store shop that offers renting, you could save yourself a lot of money on one of these designer dresses. Many online and in-store rental shops also offer shoes, jewelry and other accessories that can complement and complete your look. By renting your dress you could save up as much as 90%, and the money you save can go a long way towards your next formal event. Have fun with your search, and may the fashion odds be ever in your favor J!

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