Ballroom Gowns: A Good Choice For Your Special Event?

Woman Wearing A Gown on Stone Stairs

Ballroom gowns are exciting and elegant, and there’s a wide range of events and occasions in which a girl might wear one. Pageants, proms, Quinceañeras and balls are a few of the examples of events in which a ballroom gown would be a great option as a dress.

Traditionally, ball gowns are made of luxurious material, and include a full skirt that touches the ground. Personally, I think ball gowns are the most extraordinary of all the many types of formal dresses, and their history is as rich and artistic as some of the famous women who have worn them.

The ballroom gown’s luxurious style has been adopted for many modern dresses, including wedding gowns. The simple fact is ballroom gowns are the pinnacle of female beauty in fashion, and always have been.

Your Occasion

As I mentioned before, ballroom gowns can be worn for a plethora of different events, and their powerful look is also highly versatile, offering a wide range of impressions to give to an audience. You might pick a dress with a more classic approach, channeling the beauty of the 1930’s and 40’s. Maybe you’ll choose a more modern version of this beautiful silhouette, and give your look more of an attitude. Whatever your choices may be, a ballroom gown makes an excellent statement.

Ballroom gowns are a classic choice for events like Quinceañeras. Pairing the dress with elegant jewelry and a delicate hair accessory adds style and grace to the dress. Many who choose to wear a ballroom gown for a Quinceañera will choose to add gloves to the gown, which is a traditional accessory for ballroom gowns.

Military, firefighter and other types of balls are also events in which ballroom gowns are a top choice for attire. Pageants are also a great ballroom occasion, naturally creating the look of grace and poise for the wearer. Pageant gowns elegantly trail the ground around the wearer, creating the look of fluidity and delicate motion that is great for stage performances like pageants.

And ball gown prom dresses are being worn more frequently, especially if the theme of the prom is formal.

Wedding gowns that have adopted the ballroom gown silhouette are becoming more popular for brides who want to add a dramatic dimension to their wedding day look. The dress may be modern and couture, or classic and romantic with traditional accessories. Either way, the look is perfectly appropriate for a wedding. Ballroom gowns allow the wearer to feel and look like a part of the period of their choice.

Ballroom Gowns For Younger Girls

Ballroom Gown on ChildWomen aren’t the only ones who often choose ballroom gowns for their special event. Ballroom gowns provide the perfect silhouette for flower girls and young pageant contestants. Choosing a gown with a higher neckline, perhaps with a lace design, creates the perfect opportunity for a sweet little up-do hairstyle.

For brides who are considering the theme and look for their wedding, ballroom gowns for flower girls add an adorable and fashionable aesthetic to the aisle. Easter events and religious ceremonies are a few of the other types of events in which young girls look spectacular in miniature ballroom gowns.

Ballroom Gowns and Your Body Type

Another reason why ballroom gowns are a go-to style for so many girls and women is the fact that the silhouette generally flatters all body types. Whether the wearer has a large bottom that they’d like to hide, or a distinct lack of a curves, the ballroom gown can save face for the areas the wearer would like to hide or emphasize.

Ballroom gowns have many different neckline cuts to choose from, and each type creates a different feel for the wearer. Sweetheart necklines flatter those with more toned arms, while halter style straps and plunging necklines can help broaden otherwise narrow shoulders. Dresses can have different types of sleeves, made of different material in various lengths and often adorned with beading or jewels.

No matter what your body shape is, there’s a ballroom gown that can perfectly accentuate or cover-up the areas you’d like to tweak.

What Will It Cost Me – How to Find Cheap Formal Gowns!

Much in the same way that ballroom gowns offer so much to the wearer and have such variety about them, the prices are also extremely varied. Some designer gowns can sell for thousands of dollars, while equally gorgeous dresses that are perfect for your occasion could retail for a few hundred. There are also options to buy second-hand dresses for much less than if the dresses were new.

Another excellent option if you’re trying to find discount evening gowns is a gown rental. Renting a ballroom gown is a great idea for anyone who would like to save a great deal of money. You can often find ball gowns under 100 and rental gowns allow you to wear a dress that would normally be out of your price range. Another advantage is that you won’t have to keep the dress. Because ballroom gowns are so distinct, wearing the same dress to multiple events would surely be noticeable and is traditionally considered a no-no.

Jewelry, shoes, handbags and other accessories like tiaras and gloves can also be rented from several online dress rental boutiques and in-store rental shops. Adding these defining accessories to your outfit is important, and solidifies the look that your ballroom gown aims to project.

The cost of renting a dress and accessories is generally a fraction of what buying the same items would be. Many designer options are available for rental as well. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your gown and accessories, you could find yourself spending 90% less, and being able to stretch your money without the worry of being stuck with a dress that you can’t wear again.

No matter what your special event needs are, ballroom gowns are an excellent choice of garment. Enjoy the fact that you can create and emulate any vision that you’d like, and rest easy knowing that there are many reputable options for making sure that your dress and accessories don’t cost an arm and a leg. Happy shopping!

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