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Whether you want a designer dress at a department-store price, or need to save a bundle on your bridesmaid’s outfits, these Dress Advisor articles have the answer for getting the best quality and best selection at the best prices!


Woman-Special Occasion DressesMoney-Saving Tips When Shopping for Special Occasion Dresses

Is there a special occasion in your future? Looking for a bargain on name brands and designers can leave your head spinning like a merry-go-round. Fortunately for all of us deal-seekers, the thrill of the hunt can come right to your home with a few tech-savvy shortcuts designed to help expedite the springtime shopping experience.

 Girl wearing a dress in the seaVintage, Designer or Rental Dress Shopping Online

This article will help you prepare yourself for the new season of fashion, give you some great ideas on where to buy dresses and show you how to save while you shop! It’s especially useful if you’re a fan of vintage dresses, or have your heart set on a designer dress, but don’t have a big budget.

 Designer & Models1Where To Buy And Rent Dresses – Favorite Designers for Special Events

With the constant emergence of new designers and manufacturers in the fashion industry, the pool of options on where the buy and rent garments for special occasions is becoming wider and wider. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite designers by specialty, and some great websites for renting your next head-turning item.

 Young Woman Dress Shopping4 Tips for Saving Money on Dresses

If you’re a dress fanatic and you want to learn a few tips to help you pack the house (or maybe just your closet) with the best dresses you can find, read on to discover new ways to save some serious cash while fulfilling your all your wildest dress dreams.

 fashion showAffordable Designer Clothing? Here’s How!

Just because they’re labelled “designer brands” doesn’t mean the dresses you love are impossible to get without spending a fortune. Shopping online can often lead to finding huge discounts in designer brand clothing, shoes, accessories and more. These days, it’s possible for most people to get designer merchandise for almost any occasion and for any budget. Here’s how.