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Renting a dress for a special occasion just makes sense. You may never wear that dress again, and renting will allow you to wear a dress that you could never afford if you had to purchase it. Online rental companies offer an incredible selection of designer dresses and make it easy to try several sizes and to return the item after you wear it. One company, Lending, even allows you to buy your rental dress (at a discount) if you fall in love with it.

The following Dress Advisor articles will give you some valuable insights into why, where, and how of renting a dress for your next occasion.


Dress Rental - 2 OptionsDress Rentals: 4 Things You Need To Know

There are several reasons why renting a dress for your occasion may be a better option than buying one. One pro is that renting a dress is cheaper than buying a garment from the same designer. Oh wait; did I just use the “designer” word? That’s right, you can rent designer dresses at a very affordable price. This article discusses how to do that, plus provides information about three other aspects of renting dresses you should know.


Dress Stress1How Rental Dresses Can Save Big Dollars

Whatever your special occasion may be, the internet can help you avoid waiting in line, fighting for a dressing room, and risking the same-dress dilemma that so many girls and women find themselves in. And there are some excellent online dress rental companies that allow you to wear elite designer dresses at an affordable price.


Formal Wear CoupleEverything You Need to Know About Formal Dress Rental

If you’re not aware, you can rent formal dresses for an event or occasion. A formal wear rental can help take some of the pain out of the shopping process, particularly when it comes to the price tag. The idea is simple…shop around, fall in love with the perfect dress, and cut your costs by nearly 90% by renting instead of buying it. Here’s how.