Affordable Designer Clothing? Here’s How!

fashion showWhat are designer clothes? Well, the term “designer” refers to a notable fashion designer. Michael Kors, Prada and Chanel are a few examples. Designer clothes are items that reflect the name, logo or brand of the designer. They are usually much more expensive than non-designer garments. Some of that expense could be due to the difference in quality, but a large portion of it will always be because of the designer name.

Designer garments can be anything from men’s socks to children’s outfits. Some designers even have lines of clothes for pets! Because of the expensive nature of these items, they are often coveted and sometimes seen as works of art rather than pieces of clothing. But just because they’re designer brands doesn’t mean they’re impossible to get without spending a fortune. Shopping online can often lead to finding huge discounts in designer brand clothing, shoes, accessories and more. These days, it’s possible for most people to get designer merchandise for almost any occasion.

Designer Dresses for Girls

Designer clothing often provide a higher quality of design and attention to detail than non-designer items. It’s no wonder then, that even children are often dressed in designer clothing. There are several special occasions that take place in a young girl’s life that may warrant the use of a designer dress. Dances, parties, even festive holidays and birthdays are all occasions that a young girl may want to wear a designer dress.

Many online retailers offer designer items at discount prices. A quick Google search of discount designer dresses for girls brings up numerous websites, articles and other sources that can help cut the cost of buying real designer merchandise. By using these resources, parents can buy designer dresses on a budget for holidays, birthdays and any other special occasions.

Renting Designer Clothing

One option that has been gaining popularity over the years is renting designer clothing. For example, you can rent designer cocktail dresses, wedding dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and plus size evening dresses. Not only can a person now wear an exquisite piece of clothing, (whether it’s a dress, shoes or jewelry) but now they can do it for a fraction of the cost of buying it. Renting designer clothing or purchasing discounted designer clothing is making high fashion a possibility for more and more people around the world.

The Lending Luxury website is an excellent source for renting designer clothing. Open the main page, click on “Designers” on the upper navigation bar and you’ll be taken to a menu with dozens of designers, listed alphabetically. Click on any name to be taken to a page featuring dozens of dresses by that designers. There are, for example, over 50 Nicole Miller creations shown. Every dress is available to rent at a small portion of the purchase price. And, unlike some of its competitors, you can purchase the dress at a discount if you decide you want to keep it.

To see the designer dresses available on Lending Luxury, click here!

The Perfect Time to Rent Designer Dresses

…is really any time there is a special event. Prom dresses, gowns for special formal occasions and outfits that need to make a statement are all great options for choosing to rent rather than buy. Imagine if you could not only save money by renting your prom dress, but you could also wear a designer dress to your prom as well. The intricate details of a black and cream lace Jovani dress would stand out well above the average cocktail dress. Imagine if you could also rent the perfect shoes and jewelry to complete your outfit! Now, take those beautiful images of yourself at your prom and turn them into a reality, because it’s possible!

Plus Size Designer Dresses

Because there are so many designers to choose from, and even more styles, shapes and silhouettes, everyone can find something glamorous to fit their body type. Many designers specialize in plus sized clothing, making renting a designer plus size gown, complete with accessories, as easy as 1-2-3.

Wedding Dresses

The bride’s dress is one of the most special features of any wedding ceremony and brides may spend months shopping for the perfect gown. Some brides fall in love with designer gowns that are outside of their budgets, and feel as though they have to settle for a second-best alternative to wear on their big day. Exploring the option of renting a designer wedding gown can give brides the opportunity to wear the dress they love, without having to sacrifice other aspects of their wedding to do so.

Lending Luxury also provides designer wedding dresses, most of which are available for rent for under $100! See the “Occasions” link on the top navigation bar of their website.

Celebrity Dresses

Did you see a designer dress at a celebrity event that you absolutely loved? For example, that dress worn by your favourite movie start at a red carpet Hollywood premiere? Do you wish you could wear the wedding dress that Bella wore in the movie, “Twilight, Breaking Dawn?” Well, now you can buy the same dress online. For example, The Celebrity has a large stock of dresses on display and identifies the star who wore the dress and where she wore it. Here’s a quick excerpt of a dress description:

Jessica Alba got first dibs wearing a stunning cobalt blue strapless gown to 2011 BAFTA Awards. She looks outstanding in the blue red carpet dress. The empire waist silk tulle prom gown is dramatic, sexy, classy.”

Some of these dresses are offered at a considerable discount. For example, the Jessica Alba dress is sold for only $149.00. That’s $240 off its list price of $389. And some dresses are available for as little as $69.

If you want more information about The Celebrity Dresses, click here!

Designer Clothing for Men

Women aren’t the only ones taking to the trend of renting and purchasing discount designer clothing. Men have the option of matching their bride’s dresses with a designer suit or tux, adding accessories to their outfits, or building complete looks to add to their wardrobe from the ground up.

Being able to dress with confidence can improve workplace relationships, build self-esteem, garner attention from a spouse or loved one, and increase a man’s overall mood and happiness. And the money saved while avoiding the big price tags usually found on designer clothes can be used on dates, bills, or saved for later.

With just a little bit of research, it’s simple and convenient to find designer clothes without designer prices. Using online retailers and boutiques takes the hassle out of shopping and makes creating a new wardrobe possible from the comfort of your own home. Here’s a tip: While shopping for a new designer pair of jeans, use the money you saved by ordering a discounted pair of jeans online and buy your partner a discounted designer piece of jewelry. Surprise! You’re spouse of the year, both stylish and savvy, and your loved one feels cherished and adored by your thoughtfulness. We’ll keep your frugal secret between us!

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