5 Advantages Of a Wedding Dress Rental

Wedding CoupleYou may have read some articles about women who are choosing to rent their wedding gowns for their big day. After doing a bit of research, this writer is all for the idea of saving big money on your special day.

Renting dresses for formal occasions isn’t really new. Women have been renting items from shops and boutiques for as long as I can remember. Celebrities often rent high quality jewelry and dresses for red carpet events. But a wedding dress is something special, and looking at the pros of renting dresses for a wedding may shed some light on why you should consider doing it.

Weddings Are Expensive – A Bridal Gown Rental Can Help!

That’s just the truth. Even with massive amount of DIY décor and using a venue close to home, weddings can cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars or more. As a matter of fact, weddings are one of the single most expensive things in a couples’ life. The cost of the cake, the dress and other formal wear, the favors, the venue and all the other details really add up in the end.

Renting your gown can help offset some of the cost of the wedding. Rather than spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on your dress, using a wedding gown rental can help put extra money in your pocket for other parts of your wedding, or for your honeymoon.

Hello Dress, Goodbye

Hopefully your wedding day is such a special event that it only comes around once. However, even if you happen to get married multiple times, the chances that you’d want to wear the same wedding dress are slim to none. Most of us wear our beautiful gowns one time, and then stick it in the closet for the rest of our lives. This is a sad fate for a beautiful dress. Using rental weddidng dresses can help ensure that you won’t have a third of your closet dedicated to that gorgeous Maggie Sottero that won’t fit anywhere else and will never again see the light of day.

Lending Luxury Ad

It Expands Your Dress Options

This is one of the main points I use when explaining why wedding dress rentals are a good idea. Imagine yourself in a gorgeous designer gown with all the perfect detailing from top to bottom. Now, realistically, the price tag for what you’ve just pictured is probably gut-wrenching. Using a gown rental service like Lending Luxury can open many doors and allow you to wear a designer dress that you might not otherwise be able to afford.

Rental dress services will allow you to rent designer dresses for much less than the retail price. On average, you could save up to 90% on the cost of your wedding dress. You could even use this money to rent wedding reception dresses. I’ve always been a fan of a second dress for dancing, but that’s just me.

Renting Isn’t Just For Wedding Dresses

In fact, you can rent bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, wedding party dresses, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl dresses and more for your wedding day. Renting bridesmaid dresses is a great idea, because it helps your friends and family save money while ensuring they won’t be stuck with a dress they might never wear again. And who really needs a flower girl dress? Most of these items will be worn once, so renting can help ease the cost on everyone involved in the wedding.

Your groom’s tux or suit can also be rented at many tux shops. The stereotype of women loving to splurge on shopping and men trying to save a dollar disappears when renting both wedding looks becomes a factor.

Of course, no wedding would be complete without the shoes, jewelry and other accessories. You can often rent wedding accessories online, or sometimes at local wedding dress shops, so you have everything you need to look your best on your big day. Much like some of the celebrities we see on the red carpet, you could wear simple yet extravagant, or right big jewelry on your wedding day.

It’s All About Love

Marriage is a special thing, shared between two people who truly love each other. If you keep this in mind, the idea of renting your dress might seem easier to swallow if you’re a more traditional bride, owning your dress and always having it to look back and reminisce about is a wonderful thing. However, if you know anyone who’s been married, they can probably tell you that the nostalgia of the dress fades in time. Eventually you’ll probably become so busy that you won’t even remember your dress. Consider renting your dress for your wedding day, and see if it doesn’t make the whole day a little bit better.

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