4 Tips for Saving Money on Dresses

Young Woman Dress ShoppingDresses…they’re among the most exciting clothing items a woman can possess. A dress can completely transform the wearer and take her to a whole new place. She can become fierce, sensual, playful or spirited; even polished and prim. Dresses can be paired with layers to create bohemian romance, or laced with leather to create a seriously sexy look. It’s safe to say that there’s no end to what a girl can do with a great dress, so collecting as many as she can shouldn’t be taboo.

If you’re a dress fanatic and you want to learn a few tips to help you pack the house (or maybe just your closet) with the best dresses you can find, read on to discover new ways to save some serious cash while fulfilling your all your wildest dress dreams.

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We All Have to Save Money

Let’s be honest, it can be hard for a girl these days. There’s an increasing demand for us to look our best, but the economy isn’t exactly making that easier to do. I mean, who wouldn’t benefit from a sprawling money garden that just happened to be growing in their back yard? Unfortunately, that’s not real life. Making a measly wage while trying to get through college, supporting a family or struggling to do little things for yourself when you can… those are real life scenarios for a lot of us women. The good news is that we no longer have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to look great. Here are some tips for getting dresses for less!

Cheat Number One…

…dresses on sale. Take this from a girl who’s worked in fashion retail for quite a while…that new dress that just hit the racks…the one you’re drooling over…it’ll be in the clearance section in about a month. Ask yourself when you see something that’s calling your name like a candy bar after a harsh workout…’Do I really need this now?’ If you can wait for a dress sale, do it. Your patience will pay off in discounted dollars, I promise.

If you don’t know whether or not you can live without the dress, visit a few other stores, browse around, play on your phone for a little while or talk with friends. If you realize that the dress has slipped out of your mind a bit, you can probably live without it for a month or so. There’s no need to jump all over the first cute things you see when you could buy affordable dresses for less and still be happy.

Sign Up For Mailing Lists

I always sign up for the mailing lists of my favorite boutiques and retailers. I get great coupons and a heads up when big sales are going on. Often times, some of my favorite shops send me emails about dress sales that they’re having during random days of the week. The ones who don’t get the emails might not know about the sales, so I get a wider selection, less competition and discounted prices!

Plus, the shops you love usually want your feedback, so signing up and leaving comments can help them to pick the products that you like to see the most. And don’t forget about those birthday specials! Some retailers send you free products and other goodies for your birthday!

Online Shopping

Shopping online has become my go-to method of buying. Maybe I’ve just reached an age where dealing with traffic and browsing through hordes of people in search for great deals has kind of lost its appeal to me. I love the fact that I can buy dresses online from my favorite stores and forego the in-store search. Another added bonus to shopping online is having access to a lot of products that might not be available in stores. Before I started shopping online, I would often fall in love with a dress that I saw on a website, only to be disappointed that it wasn’t available when I went looking for it in stores.

I’ve also noticed that some of my favorite retailers offer special discounts and coupons to those who buy their products online. Plus, the competition between retailers to attract shoppers has created a beautiful little thing called “free shipping”. It’s more common than you might think.

Pulling Out The Big Guns – Rental Dresses

Sometimes I get invited to parties or other social events where I know that I have to turn up the fashion heat in order to stand out. It might be a formal event where I need to impress someone or a really special date where I want to look my absolute best. Either way, when a situation strikes where I need to put my best style forward and I still want to stay on a budget, I shop online for designer dresses.

You might be asking yourself why on Earth I would shop for designer dresses when I want to save money. The answer is simple, I rent! Renting designer dresses (yes it’s a real thing, and yes it is amazing) gives me the best of both worlds; I get to look exceptionally great in clothes that I normally wouldn’t even begin to afford (is financing available for designer gowns?), and I also get to save a great deal of money while doing so.

Normally renting will cost you about 10% of the retail price that you’d find on designer clothes. It’s easy to find designer dresses under 100 dollars when you need something extra elegant for any particular reason. You can also rent designer jewelry, clutches, shoes, handbags, hair accessories and more. It’s kind of ridiculous what you can put together when you rent designer clothes, but you’ll hear no complaints from me!

A great company for renting dresses online is Lending Luxury. They have a wide selection of the latest dresses in a wide range of sizes. And you can save a ton of money by renting that gorgeous designer dress you’ve been drooling over for only 10% of the cost! Many of the dresses styles have been worn by celebrities. And unlike its competitors, you have the option of buying the dress at a discount, once you’ve worn and fallen in love with it!

Now that you’ve got a few of my favorite tips for keeping yourself stylish without making yourself broke, put these tools to use and see how quickly you’re turning small dollars into serious looks. Have fun and happy shopping!

Lending Luxury

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